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Rent and Benefits

Ways to Pay Your Rent

  • Direct Debit - Call our office on 01224 548000 to set this up or have a form posted to you
  • Over the Telephone - by credit or debit card to AHP call: 01224 548000 OR
    • by credit or debit card to Allpay (you will need your Allpay Card reference number) Call:
      0844 557 8323 (for verbal payments) or
      0844 557 8321 (for the automated system)
  • Online - Payments can be made on the Allpay web site (you will need your Allpay Card reference number).
  • Standing Order - You can set this up directly with your own bank
  • Allpay Card - At any shop or Post Office displaying the PayPoint or PayZone logo.
  • Cheque - Make payable to AHP and remember to write your name and address on the back of the cheque.
  • Cash in Person - At our offices. Please do not send us cash in the post.

If you would find it easier, you can choose to pay rent weekly or fortnightly however you will still need to pay in advance. Please contact your Housing Officer if you wish to pay your rent weekly or fortnightly.

If you use an Allpay Card to pay your rent, please keep the receipt as proof of payment.

You can request a Direct Debit form or Allpay Card by contacting the AHP office on 01224 548000 or use our Enquiries form.

Why Paying is Important

Rent is our main source of income. We use this money to carry out repairs and improvements to the homes we manage. It helps us continue to provide a good quality service.

It is your responsibility to pay your rent, even if you are claiming housing benefit. Your tenancy agreement and annual rent increase letter sets out what rent and any service charges you need to pay.

Help and Support

If you have any problems, questions or queries about your rent, call our Housing Team. They can refer you to agencies for advice and support if you are having money problems.

Aberdeenshire Council can advise you regarding benefit entitlements and other financial support including free school meals and The Scottish Welfare Fund -

Please also see our Debt and Financial Support section for more information.

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a Government scheme aimed at helping low income households pay their rent. You may be eligible for assistance depending on your income, the amount of rent you have to pay and who is living with you. You do not need to be receiving state benefits to submit a claim.

How to Apply for Housing Benefit

To make a claim for Housing Benefit, you will need to complete a Housing Benefit application form.

You can do this online by visiting the Aberdeenshire Council website to use the online claim calculator and claim process -

Or request a form by contacting Aberdeenshire Council:

  • Telephone: 08456 08 01 49
  • Post: PO Box 18533, Inverurie, AB51 5WX

For more information or for assistance in completing a Housing Benefit application form please contact your Housing Officer who will be happy to help you. Alternatively you can contact the Housing Benefit Department at your local council office.

Remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that your claim form is complete and submitted on time with all the supporting documents required (e.g. bank statements or pay slips).

If You Already Receive Housing Benefit

You will be notified by Aberdeenshire Council how much Housing Benefit you are entitled to. Depending on your circumstances, Housing Benefit may not cover your full rent charge. This is called part Housing Benefit entitlement and means that you will have to pay an amount towards your rent.

If you receive Housing Benefit it is your responsibility to notify both the Council and AHP of any changes in your circumstances which may affect your entitlement. You must also ensure that renewal forms are completed and returned promptly to the Council.

If you have any questions please Contact Us.