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How We Set Your Rent

A Fairer Rent System for All

In 2008, AHP embarked on a process to assess rents across its stock of properties. This aim of this process is to ensure that properties of the same size and type across our stock are charged the same rent i.e. rent harmonisation. Rather than applying a standard % increase for all our tenants, a points system is used as the fairest way to assess rent for each of our properties.

The points system works by applying a value to each of the attributes of your home e.g. house type, heating type. Each point has a monetary value of 66p so if your home is awarded 350 points, your fair pointed rent will be £231.00 per month.

We assessed each property by carrying out surveys to ensure the information we held on our entire stock database was complete and accurate. We then pointed each property on its attributes and arrived at our new rents for April 2010.

As a tenant you have the right to be consulted on any proposed rent increases. Our rent increases take effect from 1st April each year, but you will receive one month's notice in writing before any changes take effect.

Service Charges

Service charges are also reviewed annually and are dependent on the cost of providing the service. AHP will ensure that the service provided is the best value for money.

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