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How to Apply for Housing

AHP provide homes at an affordable rent to people throughout Aberdeenshire. We currently have over 900 properties, 600 of which are newly built houses and flats and the remaining 300 properties were transferred to us from Aberdeenshire Council.

At present AHP do not hold our own waiting list and we take our nominations from Aberdeenshire Council. If one of our properties becomes vacant, we will ask the Council to send us up to 3 applicants from their waiting list. We then interview and assess each applicant using our own points system. The person with the greatest housing need will be offered the property. For further information on how we allocate our houses, please consult AHP's Allocation Policy.

To apply for housing in Aberdeenshire you have to fill in an online application. This will allow you to be considered for properties for one or as many of these landlords you choose.

To access the website you need to go to If you have any queries regarding your application, please contact Aberdeenshire Council on 08456 081203.

If you are currently an AHP tenant and would like to move to another AHP property, please consult our Internal Transfer and Mutual exchange information.

Also see our other Tenant Information